Amnesty International

2016 /2017  

As part of the Write for Rights Campaign I went to film the beautiful valley of the First Nation Peoples in Canada and the amazing story of Annie Alfred in Malawi. 

Caroline Buchanan & The Next Gen Team Australia, 2014

Meet 5x World Champion Caroline Buchanan's Next Gen team!
The next generation Olympians Mikayla Rose & Paige Harding!
A game changing all girls BMX team making a real splash of support for Women In Sport!

SUPPORT | The girls campaign on

Filmed, Edited and Produced By Sara Petrai

Interview with Vivienne Westwood 2012

The Environmental Justice Foundation's (EJF) 'No Place Like Home' campaign is working to get the voices of those most vulnerable to climate change heard internationally, with the goal of securing a legally-binding instrument for the recognition, assistance and protection of people who often have nowhere to go and no means to survive.

Vivienne Westwood has designed t-shirts to support EJF's 'No Place Like Home' campaign. They have a 90% smaller carbon footprint than an average cotton t-shirt ; they are organic, ethically-made and manufactured by renewable green energy.

You can get a t-shirt and support EJF from 4th May at Selfridges, Vivienne Westwood online - - and at

Orphans In Need -  2012 Show reel

Show reel of my work as director and editor for Ortphans in Need 2011/2012.

This is a series of adverts shot between India, Kenya and UK. It's been a great challenge and I always try to combine passion for the technical aspect of my job with a strong commitment toward activism for humanitarian issues.



To watch all the full adverts visit Orphans in Need Page

Firefox Flicks Contest 2012: Paranoid winner of the Panavision Worldwide Prize 

What if advertisers tracked you in real life like they do online? This video winner in the Firefox Flicks 2012 contest takes a look at what that might be like. The video is called "Firefox Paranoid" by Sean O'Riordan. Directed by Remy Bazerque and edited by Sara Petrai.

Video and Editing training in Sierra Leone 2012

As part of my job at EJF as Media Producer, I've been sent in Sierra Leone to train the local staff of Environmental Justice Foundation and the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone in filming and editing thier own documentaries and stories. This was part of the European Project for the Environment and sustainable Management of natural resources.

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